What Situations Call for an Insurance Litigation Attorney?

What Situations Call for an Insurance Litigation Attorney?

If you are experiencing difficulties or delays in receiving your insurance claim, you may wonder if it is time to hire an attorney for insurance claim assistance, to help you recover what you are rightfully due. In certain situations concerning an insurance coverage issue, you may benefit significantly by hiring a skilled insurance lawyer to settle your coverage disputes. Learn when it is time to seek professional legal assistance. Find out who you can trust for professional and experienced legal services.

What Does An Insurance Litigation Attorney Do?

An insurance litigation attorney provides legal advice when you have questions about the legalities of insurance claims. If the case calls for specific actions, your insurance attorney can also litigate bad faith cases in court or negotiate insurance settlements on your behalf. They typically handle claims and lawsuits related to property damage. This damage often stems from unfortunate events like auto accidents, health complications, and home property damage. 

Your lawyer can act as a bad faith insurance attorney if your insurer refuses to settle a claim within the stated policy limits. If your insurance company is behaving unreasonably, a lawyer can help you cut straight to the point with the insurer, ensuring a more timely recovery of any claims due.

When To Hire An Insurance Attorney

If you are considering hiring an attorney for an insurance claim, it is critical to know when an insurance attorney can bring valuable expertise to the table. When a difficult or unreasonable company denies your claim contrary to your policy or delays your payout, it may be time to seek professional legal help. 

Here are five everyday situations that could indicate it is time to hire an insurance claim lawyer:

1. You And Your Insurance Adjuster Disagree Over Liabilities

Sometimes you and your insurance adjuster may disagree over potential liabilities in a claim. In some cases, the difference may be negligible enough not to be worth the effort of fighting. However, if the difference between what your insurance adjuster believes you are owed in compensation and your calculations is significant, it may warrant legal action.

If you have exhausted your other options, like disputing their decision, or if the company is particularly challenging to work with, it may be time to hire an insurance litigation attorney in Chicago.

2. You Need To File A Large Or Complex Insurance Claim

If your insurance claim is particularly large or complex, the insurance adjuster may be more inclined to fight your claim or lowball your compensation. In large-claim cases, there is more at stake for the insurance company and you. Rather than taking your chances and hoping the insurance company will behave fairly and ethically, it may be advisable to hire an attorney to handle the process for you and any negotiations that may result. 

Likewise, suppose your insurance claim is particularly complex. In that case, the insurance adjuster will have the upper hand against the average claimant, as they are familiar with the most minute complexities of these claims. If you have made a single mistake, they may choose to capitalize on your error rather than help you correct your fault and submit a claim for the compensation you should be due.

In these situations, an insurance litigation attorney can ensure that your claim is filed correctly. If the insurance company attempts to offer you less than your due, your lawyer can help with all requisite negotiations and courtroom litigations that may arise.

3. There's Difficulty In Determining At-Fault Parties

Sometimes it can be challenging to determine the at-fault parties. This is particularly true in multi-party auto accidents. An insurance attorney can help you file your claim if the at-fault party is not readily identifiable.

4. Insurer Refuses Services, Resulting In A Bad Faith Claim

Occasionally an insurer may refuse services when they should be paying out. This results in a bad faith claim. Seeking representation from a lawyer so that your interests are properly defended against the insurance company is almost always recommended in these scenarios. Your insurance lawyer will help you protect your interests and hold the insurer accountable for your claim.

In your insurance policy, clear terms dictate your insurance company's responsibilities toward you and other policyholders. Some of these responsibilities may include:

  • Investigating your claim
  • Reasonably settling your claim
  • Defending you against a claim
  • Indemnifying and paying a settlement against you up to your policy limit

If you believe your insurer is refusing services, resulting in a bad faith claim, an insurance arbitration lawyer in Chicago may be able to help you lodge a legal claim in court or with appeals.

5. Wrongful Denial Of A Valid Claim

From time to time, an insurer may purposefully or accidentally wrongfully deny a valid claim. The claim may be particularly large, and the company is attempting to avoid paying such a substantial settlement. On the other hand, the insurance adjuster may be missing or misunderstanding a crucial piece of information. Regardless of the reason behind the claim's denial, this is bad news for you. If you cannot resolve this issue independently, it may be time to hire an insurance lawyer.

An experienced insurance lawyer can communicate with the insurance company and verify the reasons behind the claim's denial. If the denial was wrongful or made because a crucial piece of information is missing, then your attorney may be able to help you rectify the situation and get the claim approved.

Let an Experienced Lawyer Handle Your Insurance Dispute

If you are experiencing any of the above scenarios or another situation that seems unfair, your best option is to reach out to a litigation lawyer skilled at handling insurance disputes. King & Jones helps claimants in the Chicago area resolve insurance disputes and acquire legally due claims. 

When it comes to insurance litigation, King & Jones offers high-quality professional services both in Chicago and nationwide. Contact King & Jones today to learn more about how we can help you successfully settle your insurance dispute.