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The law firm of King & Jones handles significant cases in Chicago and nationwide involving business litigation, trusts & estates litigation, insurance litigation, and more. From representing plaintiffs and defendants in large commercial disputes to helping individual policyholders take on the insurance giants to have their claim covered, our lawyers take on your case and make it our own. Your goals are our goals; we strive to achieve the best result possible and get there efficiently and cost-effectively. For over 30 years, our Chicago business litigation lawyers have successfully handled a wide variety of cases, and we look forward to meeting with you and the opportunity to help you, too.

A Law Firm That Clients Trust

One of the biggest indicators of our firm’s success is that former clients return to King & Jones whenever they have a legal need in one of the firm’s main areas of practice. We develop close relationships with our clients. This lets us know that clients appreciate not only the results we obtain for them but also the treatment they receive from attorneys and staff at the firm.

One of the hallmarks of the firm’s approach is our practice of giving clients sound advice to guide their decisions. Many competent lawyers are capable of laying out options before the client; King & Jones takes the further step of advising clients on the pros and cons, the benefits, risks, rewards, and consequences of taking different paths regarding a particular legal matter. We then recommend a path to success. We view every engagement as a partnership with our clients and consider it our duty to guide you toward the best resolution in your particular circumstances.

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Client testimonials

“Peter and Bill are exceptional lawyers. They are very hardworking, smart, and tenacious, always focusing on achieving the best possible result for their clients. We have co-counseled complex cases involving aviation mid-air collisions, business disputes, and matters involving insurance bad faith. In each instance, Peter and Bill exhibited superior lawyering that led to outstanding victories for our clients. You will not find better lawyers than King and Jones.” – Rd Fleck
“This is a professional group of lawyers that have excellent ethics and clear view of the law. We used this firm for 15 years in complex legal issues with much success.” – Terry O’Malley
“Peter King and Bill Jones are lawyers' lawyers. They are both extremely intelligent and organized. The first thing that I do is call Peter and Bill whenever a complex commercial litigation case crosses my desk.” – William Warmouth
“I hired Peter to represent my co-directors and me in a breach of fiduciary duty dispute with a co-owner. Peter and his partner Bill joined our trial team just prior to trial and helped us obtain a complete victory at trial. Peter had an uncanny ability to focus on what was important to succeed at trial. Peter was well prepared, organized and thoughtful.” – Oliver Nicklin
“In my opinion, they are the best business lawyers in Chicago. I would not want to be opposing counsel against them. I have used them personally and I highly recommend them.” – Kenneth Piercey

Many of the settlements we have entered into for our clients contain confidentiality clauses so in some instances we are prohibited from fully discussing the results.

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty Shareholder/Partner/Member Litigation

    We have successfully defended shareholders and members in many suits initiated by minority equity holders for breach of fiduciary duty in Illinois and Missouri. The underlying companies involved in the cases have been in private equity, cable TV, financial services, hedge funds, home building, food services, just to name a few. One of our more recent cases involved a trial in the Circuit Court of Cook County where we defended a client against a $30,000,000 damage claim. After trial the court held for our client on all claims.

    We have successfully represented minority members of a Delaware LLC in a suit to obtain books and records of a large hedge fund. The case involved lawsuits in Illinois and Delaware. We were able to successfully obtain a fair price for our client's membership interests.

    We obtained a jury verdict for a minority shareholder in a corporate freeze out, the verdict included an assessment of punitive damages.

    We obtained a jury verdict against a general partner for breach of fiduciary duty in excess of $18,000,000 after a two-week jury trial. The court later added millions in equitable prejudgment interest to the verdict. The case settled after an appeal.

  • Trust & Estate Litigation

    We obtained summary judgment in favor of our client, a personal representative of a $60,000,000 estate in Florida, successfully defending claims of mismanagement of the Estate’s assets.

    We represent litigants in Probate Trust and Estate disputes regularly.

  • Insurance Coverage Litigation

    We obtained a favorable settlement for a large antique dealer against his property insurer for damage to his inventory from a gas leak.

    We obtained a verdict against a large insurance company in a bad faith case involving an antique dealer, the Court awarded fees under the Illinois Insurance Code.

    We regularly represent policy holders in cases against their insurance companies.

  • Arbitrations

    We succeeded in having the Illinois Appellate Court vacate an arbitration award against our clients on the basis that the arbitrators lacked power to reform a contract.

  • Injunctions

    We obtained an injunction in Marion County, Florida for a philanthropist who donated a museum, artwork and millions of dollars to the Florida State University Foundation. The Foundation was sued for breaching its promise to care for the Museum in perpetuity. The case settled on favorable terms while on appeal.

  • Civil Rights Litigation

    King & Jones has a history of involvement in high-profile civil rights litigation. Together with Gerry L. Spence of Jackson, Wyoming, the firm represented Dennis Williams, one of the “Ford Heights Four,” in a malicious prosecution case against Cook County, Illinois, and certain Sheriff’s deputies. Mr. Williams spent 18 years in prison, 15 of those on death row, for a crime he did not commit. All four cases were settled in April 1999 for $36,000,000. Williams v. County of Cook, Case No. 97 L 4886 (Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois).

    Our firm attorneys were appointed to represent James Marshall, a Chicago police torture victim, in his post-conviction proceedings. On February 8, 2019, following a full evidentiary hearing, the Circuit Court granted James’s post-trial motion and vacated his conviction after James served 30 years for a crime he did not commit. The People of the State of Illinois v. James Marshall, Case No. 88 CR 18817 (Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois). That decision was affirmed by the Illinois Appellate Court. The firm continues to be involved in civil rights litigation and the pursuit of justice for those wronged at the hands of representatives of the government.

Because our practice is national in scope, we work with co-counsel on many of our cases. Having a trusting and solid relationship with our co-counsel is critical to our success in any case. We forge strong bonds with lawyers we work with and typically work together with those lawyers more than once. We believe in fair fee and work sharing arrangements with co-counsel, so everyone is on the same page. Testimonials from lawyers we have worked with all over the country are included on this page. Feel free to give these lawyers a call. We are happy to discuss working on a case with you as co-counsel.

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