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Every business transaction is based on a contract and analyzed under applicable rules of contract law. Companies of any size deal in contracts daily with customers, employees, vendors, suppliers, distributors and others, including sizable real estate transactions and other deals. If something goes awry in the business relationship, the parties, arbitrators or the courts will look to the terms of the contract to see if it was breached, who violated it, and what monetary damages or remedies may be due. The litigation attorneys at King & Jones provide sound legal advice and zealous representation in the prosecution, defense and resolution of breach of contract disputes. Call our office to discuss your contract claims, defense or other concern.

How to Prove Breach of Contract

Proving the existence of a contract, whether oral or written, express or implied, is sometimes a necessary early step in breach of contract litigation. Once proven, the parties next move to arguing how that contract should properly be interpreted. This stage involves analyzing and determining the intention of the parties, which might not be apparent from the document itself. Can parties introduce evidence from outside of the contract? Getting the best evidence in front of the court can be critical to success, but rules of contract interpretation and the terms of the contract itself will dictate what evidence the court can see and hear. The veteran breach of contract lawyers at King & Jones bring decades of experience in litigating contract disputes and other business litigation to bear in resolving critical questions surrounding an alleged breach. Other related practice areas in which the King & Jones attorneys have decades of experience include:

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