When Should You Hire a Corporate Litigation Lawyer?

Every corporation will encounter internal or external disputes which require resolution. Internal disputes include litigation over things such as officer conduct and corporate restructuring, while external disputes may include hostile takeovers and issues surrounding mergers & acquisitions transactions. Some disputes will lead to litigation, which can be costly for your business.

When a business dispute arises, many corporations turn to a corporate litigation lawyer for assistance. A corporate litigator can help businesses resolve a wide variety of legal issues.

What Types of Situations Can a Corporate Litigation Lawyer Handle?

A business litigation lawyer manages conflicts for businesses or corporate entities. They can help your company avoid litigation or handle lawsuits. A corporate litigator can assist with legal claims from contract disputes to business torts.

Employment Disputes, Including Employment Discrimination

Disputes between employers and employees are common, especially for large corporations. Some of the common employment law disputes your business might face include:

  • Discrimination (race, gender, age, etc.)
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Salary, wage, bonus or overtime issues
  • Misclassification of employees
  • Breach of employment
  • Hostile work environment

Employment disputes can seriously threaten your company and can result in expensive lawsuits. Furthermore, the rules and regulations surrounding employment disputes are extensive.

A corporate litigator can help resolve your employment disputes most efficiently and cost-effectively through alternative dispute resolution or litigation.

Commercial Disputes for Corporate Clients

For corporations, business disputes are an inevitable aspect of conducting business. These disputes can be between your business and another business or your consumers. Some examples of commercial disputes include:

Fraud disputes: One party accuses another of making a material misrepresentation or lying during a commercial transaction. These accusations can be against employees, officers, or a corporation's business practices.

Business torts (Economic torts): Wrongful acts committed by or against corporate entities, whether intentional or due to negligence. This conduct includes claims such as restraint of trade, trade libel, and commercial disparagement.

Intellectual property disputes: A business or individual attempts to use your company's intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, etc.) without permission.

Hiring a business litigation law firm is the best method of protecting your business and its assets from these complex and expensive claims. A corporate litigation lawyer can help resolve these disputes through negotiation, a cease and desist letter, or business litigation. 

Fiduciary Duty Disputes

Fiduciary duties can arise when a business enters into partnerships or joint ventures. A fiduciary duty dispute, known as a breach of fiduciary duty case, occurs when a principal allegedly fails to behave in the best interests of a client.

A breach of fiduciary duty claim can have significant consequences. In addition to the reputation of the company being vulnerable, your business may incur considerable financial losses. The damaging nature of these allegations necessitates a corporate litigator who can create a strategy to achieve the best outcome for your company.

Breach of Contract Claims

Contracts are essential to most businesses, from formalizing business relationships to providing liability protection. If a party breaches a contract, a business litigation law firm can help you enforce your agreements. 

When contract disputes result in a breach of contract claim, a corporate litigator can help your business avoid a lawsuit through negotiation or mediation. If corporate litigation is required, your company will have an experienced advocate to handle your case and navigate the legal process of contract enforcement.

Hire a Corporate Litigation Lawyer

By hiring a business trial lawyer before a lawsuit, your business can significantly reduce business risk. Your corporate litigator can help you develop strategies to proactively limit or avoid potential issues. 

A business litigation law firm is also essential for defending your business against litigation. Corporate litigation is complex, and trial lawyers know how to best address these cases while protecting your business interests.

When your company needs to hire a corporate litigation lawyer, the experienced attorneys at King & Jones are available to help. They have decades of experience handling business disputes and will strive to meet your legal needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

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