Statute of Limitations for Legal Malpractice Claims

When most people seek legal counsel, there is a certain expectation that their lawyer will act with the best interests of their client in mind. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always play out in reality. In most cases, the client has the final say on whatever issue or legal matter the lawyer is helping them with. Whether it’s help navigating a messy divorce, working through a workers’ compensation claim, a medical malpractice suit, or any other legal issue, the lawyer must always heed their client’s instructions. If they don’t, they may be guilty of legal malpractice. If that happens, what should a client do? What is the statute of limitations when it comes to legal malpractice in Chicago, Illinois?

About the Statute of Limitations for Legal Malpractice Claims

Legal malpractice happens when a lawyer providing legal services to a client is negligent. When it does, a client may have grounds to file a malpractice claim. In Illinois, clients have a limited amount of time to file a legal malpractice claim if they believe they were wronged by their lawyer. According to Illinois law, the legal malpractice statute of limitations is only two years, beginning that the time the alleged malpractice became evident by the aggrieved client. If the claim is not filed within this window, a court will likely refuse to hear your case. If this happens, it will mean your lawyer will get away with the malpractice and you will have missed out on getting the justice you rightfully deserve.

It is also important to note that the statute for repose in Illinois is six years, meaning clients have up to six years to file a claim against a lawyer, no matter when the malpractice became known. Legal malpractice claims filed after the six-year mark will not go before a court in Illinois.

If you think your lawyer acted against your best interests or violated their obligation to represent you to the best of their ability, it is important to reach out to a legal malpractice attorney. Fortunately, the team at King & Jones is skilled in handling legal malpractice cases. We understand the statutes and know the ins and outs of filing a successful claim.

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When it comes to legal malpractice claims, the team at King & Jones in Chicago, Illinois understands that time is of the essence. We are well aware of the statute of limitations, which is why we urge anyone who thinks they were wronged by their attorney to contact us. Don’t let the statute of limitations expire. Contact our skilled Chicago legal malpractice attorneys today for help with your case.

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