Estate Litigation During a Pandemic: What You Should Know

The novel coronavirus has turned upside down the lifestyles and understandings of what normal means for many Americans. Jobs have been lost, while all the same others have flourished. Aside from the emotional distress caused by the pandemic itself, auxiliary qualms arise through inconveniences and disputes that are only tangentially related to the pandemic. The courts across the United States have become inundated with a new influx of cases, unfortunately becoming bogged down. With all the stress being caused by the pandemic, litigation only adds straw to the metaphoric camel’s back of trying to stay afloat amidst Covid-19.

What is Probate, and Why is It Relevant?

In order to understand what is going on in the complex world of estate litigations, it’s important to understand this term, ‘probate.’ Probate is a legal process that is acted upon after someone dies. Probate involves divulging the contents of a valid will created by the individual who passed.

In going over a will also comes the processes of identifying and taking detailed inventory of property, whether material or immaterial. Property may need to be appraised, and debts need to be relieved before the final step — distribution. It is possible to avoid probate by seeking legal assistance to estate planning, but probate litigations arise from disputes typically revolving around poor estate planning.

When do Estate Litigations Arise?

Estate litigation arises where there are disputes regarding an estate and its subsequent distribution. Take, for example, questioning the very validity of a will. Whenever there is suspicion over the legitimacy of a will, there is likely to be some room for a litigation lawsuit. Sometimes litigations are enacted upon in order to determine the wording or construction of a will or trust. If there are any conditions unmet or broken by individuals or a group of individuals according to an estate plan, there is room to challenge the distribution of an estate by means of litigation.

What Should One Do if Involved in an Estate Litigation?

The first step is to catch your breath. It’s overwhelmingly easy to mountain the implications of estate disputes, but having a level head always makes it easier to think straight. Contacting an experienced attorney is often the best route to take for any disputes surrounding an estate, a will, and their respective definitions or distributions.

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Covid-19 has riddled Americans and the world with burdens of new variety and intensity. With so much to account for and overcome, litigation should not be at the top of your worries during a pandemic. Litigations of any sort, especially estate disputes, can foment ill-feelings and struggles which can be simplified and aided by an experienced Chicago trust & estate litigation attorney. At King & Jones, we believe that estates should be as fair, simple, and stress free as possible. For any questions regarding estate litigation during this period of uncertainty, have certainty and confidence in contacting our team of business law attorneys at 312-372-4142 today.

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