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Category Archives: Breach Of Contract


Can a Letter of Indemnity Protect You in a Breach of Contract Claim?

By King & Jones LLC |

Any person or entity entering any kind of business agreement is choosing to be interdependent. By getting work done together, work is expedited and optimized. Though agreements in theory are designed to make life easier, there are hiccups and speed bumps that can slow down a process or create complications that make the original… Read More »

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Common Reasons Why a Business May be Accused of Breach of Contract

By King & Jones LLC |

It is common in every aspect of an agreement for there to be misconceptions about an agreement. The greater majority of time resolving these issues and frustrations comes before an agreement is verbalized and recorded in the planning stage of a contract. Mitigating the misunderstandings prior to any contractual agreement beforehand is the best… Read More »

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Accused of Breach of Contract During the Pandemic? Here’s What to do Next.

By King & Jones LLC |

The pandemic has wrought everyone with issues that have amounted to new stresses financially, physically, and mentally. As businesses are composed of the people that make them up, it is to no surprise that many operations have found new struggles and adversities amidst so much new disorder. Following such disorders, there is greater room… Read More »

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Contractual Obligations

By King & Jones LLC |

COVID-19 has wrought devastating effects on the world as a whole. In the United States, businesses have taken large blows from a diminishing workforce, shutdowns, and an overall large unpredictability. With workers staying safe, the workforce shrinks a bit, with shutdowns, many companies cannot even operate at normal operating tempos. With these realities come… Read More »

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Breach of Contract During the Pandemic: Common Defenses and What To Do Next

By King & Jones LLC |

COVID-19 has brought a plethora of changes that has transformed the way we live our everyday lives. As COVID-19 continues to worsen, health and government officials are finding the need to close down businesses and implement strict opening measures. Due these safety precautions, business owners are finding it increasingly difficult to meet their contractual… Read More »

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