Our Fee Structures

Our Fee Structures

If you are going to hire a lawyer, we think it’s important you understand how the lawyer is compensated. Below are different arrangements for how we are compensated for our services. The type of fee arrangement will vary based on several factors like the size of the case and the complexity.

  • Hourly Fee Cases: We are paid a fee for the time one of our lawyers spends working on the case. We have a wealth of experience handling cases in our practice areas and are skilled at handling these cases efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Contingent fees: In some cases, we will waive our hourly fee in exchange for a percentage of the money recovered in the case. Contingent fees are a type of fee arrangement where the attorney’s fee is contingent on the case's outcome. If the client wins, the attorney receives a percentage of the settlement or verdict. If the client loses, the attorney does not receive payment. Contingent fees can be used in cases where the client cannot afford to pay the attorney’s fees upfront or where the attorney believes that the case has a high likelihood of success.
  • Blended fees In some cases, we will work with a client to tailor a fee arrangement that fits their case. Typically, we lower our hourly fees in exchange for a small percentage of the money we recover in the case. Blended fees are a type of fee structure that typically combines a lower hourly rate and a contingent fee. In a blended fee arrangement, the attorney charges an hourly rate for the work that is done on the case and also receives a percentage of the settlement or verdict if the case is successful.
Our Fee Structures

At King & Jones, we have used hourly, contingent and blended fee agreements for decades. We don't have a cookie cutter approach. The appropriate fee structure is a case-by-case determination based on several factors. We are as creative as possible to meet the circumstances of each client’s situation.

The appropriate fee structure can be determined after a review of the key facts and documents in a dispute.

Fee Arrangements

As a small team of highly experienced lawyers who have achieved positive results for our clients, we are able to focus and be more efficient and effective than firms that place competing demands on frequently changing personnel.

We evaluate each case to understand our clients and their goals in a matter, then structure a fee arrangement that is fair and that recognizes the value in achieving those goals. Hourly fees, flat fees, percentage holdbacks, milestone payments, and partial contingencies are just some creative ways to achieve a fair and predictable fee.