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As experienced Chicago corporate & shareholder litigation lawyers, the team at King & Jones knows that internal disputes can be just as serious or more so than threats from the outside, such as breach of contract disputes or business torts. Our firm deals with complex courtroom litigation and arbitration in all types of commercial matters, including corporate and shareholder litigation, in Chicago and across the country.

Officers and directors may run the company, but shareholders own it. Depending on their interest and stake in the company, shareholders may have a legitimate interest in operations but still not be privy to the inner workers of the business, and they might not understand why certain decisions are made. Shareholder disputes may involve allegations that directors engaged in fraud or illegal activity, or situations where the shareholders are deadlocked in voting. We handle litigation in shareholder derivative suits, where the corporation may be the defendant, plaintiff, or both.

Client testimonials

“I am a Florida Attorney and have had the privilege of litigating with Peter King both as an opposing party and as co-counsel. Peter is one of the finest civil litigators I have encountered in 40 years of practicing law. His preparation is meticulous, and his courtroom presentation is articulate, persuasive, and effective. Peter always protects his client’s best interest by weighing risk, benefit, and the ever-increasing costs and expense of civil litigation. If I ever need personal legal representation Peter would be my first choice.” – Bryce Ackerman
“I hired Peter to represent my co-directors and me in a breach of fiduciary duty dispute with a co-owner. Peter and his partner Bill joined our trial team just prior to trial and helped us obtain a complete victory at trial. Peter had an uncanny ability to focus on what was important to succeed at trial. Peter was well prepared, organized and thoughtful.” – Oliver Nicklin
“These guys have the skills and the firepower to fight the toughest battles. I have worked with them in the most difficult cases against powerful companies. The harder the case gets, the better they perform. Powerful, fearless, and meticulous. Peter King and Bill Jones are a dynamic pair that can solve complicated legal problems and give their clients personalized attention from start to finish. The best in the business for high-level business disputes.” – Tyson L.

For sound advice and strategic representation in corporate and shareholder disputes in Chicago or throughout the United States, contact King & Jones. Our knowledgeable and experienced Chicago corporate & shareholder litigation lawyers advise you on your best options and diligently work to resolve your dispute, no matter how complex or novel the issues involved.