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If you face a corporate dispute or lawsuit, you want someone knowledgeable and experienced on your side to protect your rights and fight for your best interests. A wide range of disagreements leads to corporate litigation.

A Chicago corporate litigation lawyer from our team can handle the process for you, and perhaps resolve the dispute quickly and efficiently, without the need to go to trial. But if the other party refuses to listen to reason, our experienced Chicago corporate litigation lawyers can effectively take the most complex matters to court and achieve the best possible outcome for you there.

The King & Jones legal team can discuss your case with you today. When you call, you can speak with a team member who could evaluate your needs and explain your options. This consultation allows you to learn more about your case, consider your next steps, and put your mind at ease. Start a case review now by calling us today.

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Why Choose King & Jones For Your Chicago Corporate Litigation Case?

At King & Jones, your goals are our goals. Our corporate litigation lawyers fight to help you get the best possible result in your case. We strive to understand your needs, what drives you, and the outcome you hope to receive. We take the necessary steps to secure results in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

We know there are many excellent law firms to choose from in Chicago. However, King & Jones is different. We want to ensure every client truly understands their case, its possible outcomes, and the rewards and consequences of each option. We can answer your questions and offer guidance throughout the process. That way, you can make decisions that benefit your situation.

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in commercial disputes and litigation of all sizes. We handle cases in all industries and can help regardless of your issue and its complexity.

With more than 40 years of trial experience, we have the knowledge and resources you want and need to navigate your corporate concern. Our client list includes many large companies and repeat customers who call on us for all their corporate legal needs.

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There are several types of corporate disputes that lead to litigation. Corporations require many people to work together to operate the business, which does not always go smoothly. When you consider additional outside matters, the issues seem endless. Some of the most common types of disputes and litigation we handle include:

Partnership Disputes

When two or more people create a business venture together, this is a partnership. In Illinois, state law does not require a written partnership agreement. Even so, many formal partnership agreements do not provide information for effective dispute resolution. When the partners disagree on a significant decision, the disagreement could become a dispute, and one or more partners could consider litigation.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is often sought for these clients because it provides a less adversarial environment and could allow the partnership to continue under some circumstances. ADR commonly includes negotiation, mediation, or arbitration. We also litigate these matters when needed.

Other Internal Disputes

Many corporate disputes are internal. There is no outside entity involved. Instead, the company fights itself.

These disputes could include:

  • Officers versus the board of directors
  • Owners sparring about money matters
  • Questions between leadership about cash flow
  • Allegations of bad behavior between officers and directions
  • Matters related to the structure or goals of the company

How we approach these cases depends greatly on the case’s facts and our client’s goals. Sometimes, ADR is possible and the best option. In other circumstances, litigation and taking the case to trial is best for our client.

Attorney-client privilege covers what you tell us, so you can candidly discuss your legal issues with us without fear that the rest of the company will find out.

External Disputes

Many external forces can affect a corporation. They do not occur as commonly as internal disagreements, but they often affect the company more. External disputes could stem from a merger gone wrong, issues related to an investment or acquisition, or a hostile takeover. Others could also accuse the business of wrongdoing, such as intellectual property or antitrust violations.

As noted, we represent plaintiffs and defendants in these cases. We help our clients protect their business interests and hold others accountable when necessary. We fight for the best possible outcome based on our clients’ goals and their cases’ facts.

Corporate Litigation Related To Directors And Officers Insurance

Officers and directors have fiduciary duties and ethics rules they must follow. They have an obligation to the company’s shareholders and the corporation itself. When they violate these rules, the company’s directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance should cover the related costs.

The purpose of this policy is to pay when corporate officers and directors act negligently, and shareholders or employees suffer financial damages.

However, these policies sometimes contain many exclusions, and the companies who provide them often look for reasons to deny claims. Our attorneys handle these coverage disputes and the resulting litigation regularly. We fight for policyholders to get the benefits owed to them. 

We know what it takes to investigate and build a strong case based on corporate neglect, show the policy should provide coverage based on the circumstances, and demand a fair payout. We can negotiate, mediate, or litigate these cases as necessary.

When we represent a corporate client facing a dispute, we frequently begin by discussing ways to settle the disagreement. This could allow us to avoid litigation, which is generally expensive and time-consuming. Especially with internal disputes, this does nothing to benefit the company or individuals involved unless there is no other option.

When our clients already face litigation because another party filed, there are still options for alternative dispute resolution in many cases. Many lawsuits never go to trial because there are ways to settle the dispute without asking a judge or jury to issue a verdict. This still saves considerable time and money. It also allows the sparring parties to conclude the case in a much better place than a court trial.

Under some circumstances, there is a legal obligation to attempt alternative dispute resolution measures before litigation. This is usually because of a partnership agreement or other formal contract verbiage.

This contract usually outlines the options, frequently:

  • Mediation with a neutral third-party mediator
  • Arbitration, usually binding

We represent our clients’ best interests throughout this process, including ensuring they understand what to expect. We answer questions and protect their rights. If there is no agreement during mediation or non-binding arbitration, we may discuss litigation as the next step to settle the dispute.

We Leave Litigation An Option

Sometimes, the best option is litigation. While people generally want to avoid taking a case to trial, it is not always a bad thing. There are some matters best settled by a judge or jury.

Our attorneys represent corporate clients in litigated cases and take them to court regularly. We have decades of experience nationwide and in Chicago courtrooms and know what it takes to pursue corporate litigation for our clients.

Our lawyers seek the best possible outcome for our clients, making their goals our goals, too. If you have questions or concerns about a corporate dispute, or you face litigation, feel free to connect with our team. We are here to help.

At King & Jones, our attorneys are experienced Chicago corporate, partnership, and shareholder litigation lawyers. We understand how and why disputes occur and the options for solving them. We also know how they affect businesses, both now and in the long run. Our lawyers want to help clients find the fastest effective solution. We know how important it is to have your head in the game. You need to run your company, not deal with these matters.

We represent clients in a wide array of business torts, helping to avoid courtroom litigation if this could provide positive outcomes for them. We know how to navigate mediation and arbitration, representing our clients’ best interests and aggressively pursuing their goals throughout the process. We help clients settle internal and external matters, from breach of contract disputes to accusations of fiduciary violations.

At King & Jones, we have the experience, knowledge, and resources necessary to deal with even the most complex corporate disputes and litigation. We represent clients in Chicago and across the country. Our clients face a wide range of disputes, and they are in various positions when they call us.

We can help if you:

  • Worry a corporate disagreement could result in litigation
  • Have an ongoing dispute and wonder if litigation could help
  • Want assistance with alternative dispute resolution
  • Face a business tort filed by someone else

We know how quickly the expenses and losses related to a dispute or litigation add up. We also know what they do to a business’s operations. It is near-impossible to keep a company running smoothly amid ongoing disagreements, much less when litigation is imminent. When possible, most people want to settle disputes as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible. Our team helps many corporations manage this process. However if taking a case to trial is necessary we have the background and experience to do that. Our adversaries know that. 

During your no-obligation case review, we can assess your case and help you weigh your options. ADR is effective and efficient for many corporate clients, although litigation and trial are sometimes necessary. We explain the pros and cons of each and help you understand the benefits and consequences of any approach and outcome.

At King & Jones, our goal is always to get the best result possible for our client. There is a wide range of possible winning outcomes in these cases because of the seemingly endless array of reasons why disputes and litigation occur.

What the best possible outcome looks like in your case depends on its facts and your goals.

This could include:

  • Settling a dispute in your favor
  • Receiving a payout or not having to pay another party compensation
  • Retaining control or ownership of your company
  • Corporate restructuring or avoiding a restructuring
  • Recovering compensation from an insurance claim
  • Dissolving a partnership or business deal

Sometimes, our clients seek compensation or want to avoid paying large payouts. We represent both sides in these cases. We seek to help each client reach their individual goal, whether recovering the compensation they deserve or preventing their company from paying a large expenditure when the circumstances do not support that.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

In many cases, the goal for our clients is to retain ownership and control of the company. There are several ways a dispute could challenge their role as an officer or director, including allegations of wrongdoing, possible restructuring, or hostile takeovers. We help our clients defend their position or aggressively pursue those hoping to strip them of it. We know you have invested a lot of time, money, and hard work into your company. We want to safeguard its future.

Often, it boils down to settling a disagreement. Determining what happens next is not as simple as it seems when an internal or external conflict happens. With our lawyers representing you, negotiating or mediating an agreement might be possible under some circumstances, even if you have had little success compromising to this point. When necessary, arbitration and litigation are also options. Our team is here to help.

King & Jones has knowledgeable team members available now to discuss your corporate concerns or pending litigation. We help clients settle disputes before lawsuits occur, settle suits, or present a strong case at trial. We also handle arbitration, mediation, and other dispute-resolution avenues. If matters can’t be resolved, rest assured we are experienced trial lawyers and will aggressively represent your interests at trial. Get started today by speaking with our team about your needs and letting us explain our services and how we have managed similar cases.

To begin your initial, confidential consultation, contact us through our website or dial (312) 372-4142.