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Chicago Appeals Lawyer 

Business disputes can have a variety of outcomes, from settlement awards before a case even goes to trial to jury verdicts or judgments in favor of one of the parties involved in the litigation. When a business dispute does result in an unfavorable verdict or judgment, it may be necessary to file an appeal. In some situations, you might have reason to believe that the case was decided incorrectly. In other scenarios, you may believe the verdict or settlement awarded to the other party was inappropriate and might want to appeal the damages award in the case. The court in which you will need to file your appeal will depend upon whether the original case was filed in state or federal court.

Our Chicago appeals lawyers can assess your case today and can discuss the process of appeals with you. Our firm serves clients in Illinois, and we also represent clients nationwide in appellate matters arising out of business litigation, trusts and estates litigation, insurance litigation, real estate litigation, and other civil cases.

What is an Appeal?

Appeals often arise in civil litigation when a party does not believe the case was decided correctly at trial. The nature of an appeal can vary greatly depending upon the specific facts of the initial case. In general, however, appeals can be made either as a matter of right or as a discretionary appeal. The Cornell Legal Information Institute (LII) explains that some types of cases permit appeals as a matter of right, which means the party who wants to contest the lower court’s decision can do so without seeking approval from another court. Other types of appeals are discretionary appeals, which are cases in which the party seeking to contest the lower court’s ruling must ask the appellate court to hear the case. In other words, the appellate court has discretion over whether or not it will hear the appeal.

You should also know that some appeals can contest the court’s ruling on the facts, while other appeals can only contest procedural concerns from the lower court.

Depending upon whether the initial case was heard in a state court or a federal court, the appeal will be heard by a state appellate court or by the appropriate federal circuit court. In a Chicago appeal, an initial state court case will be heard in the appropriate estate appellate court, which can vary depending upon the type of civil lawsuit that is being contested. A federal appeal will be heard in the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, which handles federal appeals in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Our experienced national appeals lawyers can provide you with more information about what you should expect in an appeal.

Contact a Chicago Business Appeals Attorney Today

Whether you need assistance filing an appeal or you are facing an appeal after obtaining a favorable judgment or verdict, our experienced Chicago appeals attorneys can speak with you today about representation. Our firm has years of experience serving clients in a wide variety of business litigation matters. We handle cases in Chicago and across the country that involve business disputes, insurance litigation, and numerous other legal issues affecting large corporations and small businesses alike.

From large-scale commercial litigation appeals to appellate matters involving individuals and sole proprietors, our team is here to assist you. Contact King & Jones to learn more about the cases we have handled successfully for clients nationwide over the last 30 years.

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