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Monthly Archives: March 2021


Can a Letter of Indemnity Protect You in a Breach of Contract Claim?

By King & Jones LLC |

Any person or entity entering any kind of business agreement is choosing to be interdependent. By getting work done together, work is expedited and optimized. Though agreements in theory are designed to make life easier, there are hiccups and speed bumps that can slow down a process or create complications that make the original… Read More »

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Is Expert Testimony Necessary in a Legal Malpractice Claim?

By King & Jones LLC |

Lawyers and attorneys are hired to represent individuals and act in their best interest. The act of trusting can be very difficult for many, and understandably so. When a professional is hired to act in your best interest, but instead acts against it, remedying the situation becomes a grueling process. Filing a malpractice claim… Read More »

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Establishing a Fiduciary Relationship: When Does One Arise?

By King & Jones LLC |

There are many times when a fiduciary relationship arises or is necessary to protect an asset. Some have fiduciaries entrusted with their investments, yet others are doctors and are entrusted by a patient. There is a confusing amount of information regarding what a fiduciary is, and even more so what a fiduciary relationship looks… Read More »

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Estate Litigation During a Pandemic: What You Should Know

By King & Jones LLC |

The novel coronavirus has turned upside down the lifestyles and understandings of what normal means for many Americans. Jobs have been lost, while all the same others have flourished. Aside from the emotional distress caused by the pandemic itself, auxiliary qualms arise through inconveniences and disputes that are only tangentially related to the pandemic…. Read More »

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