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The disruption of business due to the Covid Pandemic has been, and will continue to be, unprecedented.  Contracts will be breached because commercial lease payments are not made. Vendors will fail to timely deliver products and services. Income will be lost while businesses are closed. What rights and remedies do you, as a business owner/operator have in this environment?  Can you use the Pandemic as a shield to defend yourself from nonperformance? Can you recover losses that were caused by the forced economic shutdown? There are more problems for businesses arising from the Covid crisis every day. In times like these, business owners need an experienced, battle-tested legal team to protect them.

King & Jones is here to help. Our Chicago Covid litigation lawyers have over 30 years of experience trying and litigating business disputes in Illinois, and across the country. We have addressed legal issues that will arise during Covid related litigation.

We were here for our clients in 2009, when the Great Recession brought havoc upon the business community. During that crisis, we successfully defended the administrator of a large estate against claims of mismanagement. We successfully addressed those claims, in part, by addressing the downturn in many asset classes during this downturn in the markets.

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    During the Great Recession we fought for clients’ rights to review books and records of a Delaware LLC and forced a buyout of their interests at a significant multiple over their investment cost.

    In a breach of contract case filed on behalf of a real estate developer, we were required to address the defense of impossibility raised by a defendant developer. The developer claimed conditions outside of its control prevented it from performing.

    Contracts at issue in Covid disputes may contain force majeure clauses. These clauses can provide a legal excuse for non-performance in situations involving events such as terrorist attacks, war, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. These types of cases will involve contract interpretation. At King & Jones, we have decades of experience successfully litigating and trying contract interpretation matters for our business clients.  Covid claims will also involve legal principles like “frustration of purpose,” “impossibility,” “impracticability,” and force majeure.  The lawyers at King & Jones have successfully litigated and tried cases involving business issues all over the county, in cases where hundreds of millions of dollars were at stake.

    Finally, your business may need to make a claim against its own insurance carrier for the interruption of business caused by Covid-19.  The lawyers at King & Jones have the knowledge and experience to critically review your policy language, evaluate the validity of your claim, and assist you in prosecuting the claim against your carrier.  The lawyers at King & Jones have successfully sued some of the largest insurance companies in the world for denying or undervaluing our clients’ claims.

Client testimonials

“I have known Peter King and Bill Jones in this business for decades, and have been involved in cases with them. They are tenacious, exceptionally bright, practical, ethical, and have formidable trial and appellate skills. I have also referred friends and family to King & Jones for commercial and estate litigation and they have always gotten outstanding results. With this firm, you get experienced, well-respected lawyers who care about their clients and always do what is necessary to get the best outcome possible.” – Chuck Hornewer
“I have nothing but admiration, respect & gratitude for the firm of Canel, King, & Jones. The entire team and in particular, Peter King, handled my case, a complicated suit alleging breach of fiduciary duty with a clear plan, meticulous research, thoughtful execution and concise, compelling arguments. I was consulted, challenged and expertly guided through all phases of the process.” – Linda Potter
“These guys have the skills and the firepower to fight the toughest battles. I have worked with them in the most difficult cases against powerful companies. The harder the case gets, the better they perform. Powerful, fearless, and meticulous. Peter King and Bill Jones are a dynamic pair that can solve complicated legal problems and give their clients personalized attention from start to finish. The best in the business for high-level business disputes.” – Tyson L.

With Covid-19, businesses are facing an existential challenge against an invisible disease, government regulations, powerful insurance companies, and the massive corporate law firms they hire to fight their battles. Surviving will require an experienced, creative, tireless, and cost-conscious legal team.

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