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Chicago Business Litigation Lawyers > Chicago Corporate & Shareholder Litigation Lawyer

Chicago Corporate & Shareholder Litigation Lawyer

As experienced Chicago corporate & shareholder litigation lawyers, the team at King & Jones know that internal disputes can be just as serious or more so than threats from the outside, such as breach of contract disputes or business torts. Our firm deals with complex courtroom litigation and arbitration in all types of commercial matters, including corporate and shareholder litigation, in Chicago and across the country.

Corporate Litigation

Corporate disputes may be internal, such as litigation over the conduct of officers and directors, decisions about whether to distribute cash flow or reinvest in the business, or corporate restructuring. Disputes can be external as well, including issues surrounding mergers & business acquisitions, hostile takeovers, and antitrust litigation. Officers and directors can be sued for breach of fiduciary duties they owe to shareholders or the corporation.

Corporate D&O insurance protects against negligence that damages the interests of employees or shareholders, but this insurance is typically full of exclusionary language regarding the kinds of claims or types of acts that may be covered. The attorneys at King & Jones have decades of experience handling insurance litigation and coverage disputes to ensure policyholders get the benefits owed to them under their policy. As to claims involving corporate malfeasance, our firm’s experience in legal and accounting malpractice practice means we are well-positioned to investigate allegations of corporate neglect and proceed accordingly.

Shareholder Disputes

Officers and directors may run the company, but shareholders own it. Depending on their interest and stake in the company, shareholders may have a legitimate interest in operations but still not be privy to the inner workers of the business, and they might not understand why certain decisions are made. Shareholder disputes may involve allegations that directors engaged in fraud or illegal activity, or situations where the shareholders are deadlocked in voting. We handle litigation in shareholder derivative suits, where the corporation may be the defendant, plaintiff, or both.

Help With Corporate Litigation and Shareholder Disputes in Chicago and Nationwide

For sound advice and strategic representation in corporate and shareholder disputes in Chicago or throughout the United States, call King & Jones at 312-372-4142. Our knowledgeable and experienced Chicago corporate & shareholder litigation lawyers advise you on your best options and diligently work to resolve your dispute, no matter how complex or novel the issues involved.

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