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At King & Jones, we concentrate on business litigation. We represent individual and business entities in significant disputes around the country. With immense trial experience in many jursdictions covering the spectrum of business litigation, our attorneys know how to approach your matter strategically and successfully regardless of the legal and factual issues involved. Call King & Jones for help with business litigation in Chicago or nationwide. Our Chicago business litigation lawyers are ready to advise and represent you in any of the following areas.

  • Breach of Contract

    Representing plaintiffs and defendants, our experienced contract dispute lawyers understand and interpret complex contract terms to determine whether a breach occurred and can argue convincingly before arbitrators, judges and juries on factual and legal issues related to liability and damages.

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty

    We have represented parties to fiduciary disputes in a number of different areas, including estates and trusts litigation, accounting and legal malpractice, partnerships and more.

  • Business Torts

    Our experienced courtroom lawyers handle the full range of civil litigation between businesses alleging unfair competition, fraud, deceptive trade practices, theft of intellectual property, defamation, and tortious interference with business relations.

  • Corporate Litigation

    Working with a Dallas law firm, we successfully prosecuted a claim based on a breach of a joint venture agreement to distribute beer, wine and spirits in Illinois, culminating in a settlement.

    Teaming with another firm, we successfully defended the directors of a venture capital firm in a suit brought by a minority shareholder under Delaware law. After an eight-day bench trial, the trial judge issued an opinion holding for our clients on every claim.

    We settled a damage claim for unit holders of a Delaware LLC alleging the failure to timely provide books & records. Plaintiffs claimed defendant’s failure to provide timely books & records caused plaintiffs to lose the window to sell their interests prior to the 2008 recession. The litigation resulted in plaintiffs being able to sell their units at a substantial increase over their cost.

  • Accounting Malpractice

    We have represented two of the big four public accounting firms in accounting malpractice cases.

  • Legal Malpractice

    We successfully defended a legal malpractice claim seeking over $12,000,000 before a jury. We have successfully prosecuted legal malpractice claims.

  • Partnership Litigation

    We successfully resolved a partnership claim for our client, who was involved in a management consulting business and had been denied his share of the firm’s profits.

    We obtained a jury verdict in excess of $18 million against a general partner of a limited partnership for breach of fiduciary duty. The claim against the general partner involved overcharges on related-party loans. The trial court added over $6 million in equitable prejudgment interest. The case was settled after an appeal.

    Our verdicts and settlements in partnership/closely-held business disputes exceed $60 million.

  • Arbitration

    Our firm has successfully tried many arbitrations. Despite the fact that arbitration awards are notoriously difficult to overturn, we had an arbitration award against several clients vacated by the Illinois Appellate Court.

  • Antitrust Litigation

    We obtained a reversal from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals of a dismissal of a large industrial customer’s antitrust claim against the largest natural gas utility in Indiana. The case settled the following year.

  • Estate and Trust Litigation

    We successfully prosecuted and settled a claim on behalf of trust beneficiaries against a bank trust department for mismanaging the beneficiaries’ trust assets.

    We obtained a dismissal of a $30 million damage claim against a Personal Representative in Florida of a large Estate.

  • Shareholder Litigation

    We successfully defended a shareholder of a closely held corporation in a preliminary injunction trial in St. Louis County, Missouri. The plaintiff sought our client’s ouster from his corporate offices in a breach of fiduciary duty case involving a dispute over management fees and dividend distributions.

    We have successfully represented several clients who were minority shareholders “squeezed out” of closely held corporations to deprive them of their share of lucrative businesses or transactions.

  • Real Estate Litigation

    We represent all parties to residential and commercial real property transactions, including buyers, sellers, developers, and contractors. The scope of our real estate practice encompasses title disputes, boundary and property line disputes, landlord-tenant issues in commercial leases, construction defects, and more.

  • Injunctions

    We obtained an injunction in the Circuit Court of the Fifth Judicial Circuit in Marion County, Florida, for a philanthropist who had donated a museum, artwork, and millions of dollars to a large university foundation. We sued the foundation, alleging it breached its promise to care for the museum in perpetuity in exchange for the gift. The Circuit Court required the foundation to fund and maintain the museum, pending the final disposition of the case. The case settled during the appeal of the injunction order.

    We have successfully represented clients in a variety of injunction actions, including non-compete cases, and competing product and service cases.

  • Insurance Litigation

    We have successfully prosecuted many cases for policyholders against insurers for property damage, liability, title insurance, and bad faith claims. The settlements and judgments exceed $50 million.

Client testimonials

“I have known Peter King and Bill Jones in this business for decades, and have been involved in cases with them. They are tenacious, exceptionally bright, practical, ethical, and have formidable trial and appellate skills. I have also referred friends and family to King & Jones for commercial and estate litigation and they have always gotten outstanding results. With this firm, you get experienced, well-respected lawyers who care about their clients and always do what is necessary to get the best outcome possible.” – Chuck Hornewer
“This is a professional group of lawyers that have excellent ethics and clear view of the law. We used this firm for 15 years in complex legal issues with much success.” – Terry O’Malley
“After 2 life experiences with major legal malpractice, the nicest thing happened, when I contacted your firm. I got excellent advice from a brilliant caring lawyer. My faith in lawyers has been renewed, thanks to Peter King. His free advice has solved my problem, with an immediate response to my online inquiry. Hire this law firm and you will get honest, caring legal professionals that will right a wrong-not cause the wrong.” – Mary Heneghan

For help with business litigation in Chicago or throughout the United States, call the Chicago business litigation lawyers of King & Jones at 312-372-4142. Our clients trust us for practical advice and strategic representation and come to us whenever they have a business dispute in need of resolution.